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Peperone Parahandy "Woody"

Peperone Parahandy

2.9.2000 - 9.4.2015
Breeders: Mr & Mrs McLeod, Scotland
Owners: Saija Yli-Jaskari & Kirsi Aalto
Official measurement: 49,8 cm

Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet database information
Woody in Whippet Archives

Whippet male #2 year 2001
Whippet male #2 year 2002
Whippet male #1 year 2003
Whippet of The Year 2004
Whippet male #1 year 2005
Whippet male #1 year 2006
Whippet male #4 year 2007
Whippet male #6 year 2008
Whippet male #1 year 2009
Whippet male #11 year 2010

Whippet Veteran #2 (BOS veteran) year 2008 
Whippet Veteran #1 year 2009
Whippet Veteran #3 (BOS veteran) year 2010

Sighthound Veteran #1 year 2010

BIS in Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2004
BIS in Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2005
BIS in Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2009
BIS in Finnish Whippet Club Open Show 2007
BIS in Finnish Whippet Club Open Show 2009

Agility Whippet #2 in Finland 2005 (best agility Whippet male)
Agility Whippet #3 in Finland 2006 (best agility Whippet male)

We are really proud of this Scottish hero -  he caught our eyes already at first sight. We were looking for a bitch, but could not help falling in love with this youngster. Perhaps it was a destiny..Thank you, Jessie and Johnstone, for letting us to have this wonderful dog!

Woody began his show career very succesfully in Finland summer 2001, together with his sister. Woody was 2nd best show whippet male in Finland in 2001 - only 4 points less than the winner male. Year 2002 was almost similar than year 2001 - Woody was 2nd best show whippet male in Finland - this time only 5 points less than the winner. Woody was the best Whippet male 2004 and finally: Whippet of the year 2004!

Woody began his agility career in 2002. He ended his agility career in agility MAXI3 class.

Woody was a wonderful, charming Whippet. He felt like home no matter where he was. He was always ready for action. The whippets should always be like him.

  • First litter (3+6) was born on the 30th August, 2002 at Pikkunokan kennel, dam Kiikurin Enttententten.
  • Second litter (4+3) was born on the 21st January, 2003 at Jagodas kennel, dam Nicoret's Time To Live.
  • Third litter (1+1) was born on the 3rd May, 2003 at Nicoret's kennel, dam Nicoret's Midnight

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