18.01.2010    Updated News page
20.12.2010    Updated Hilla's Rus Ch title
13.12.2010    Updated News page: a link to Finnish Whippet Club open show photos.
13.12.2010    Updated News page, new titles for Flirt, Ida and Niilo.
07.12.2010    Updated News page, Petteri's page, Taikku's page (Int Ch title has been
                      confirmed by FCI)
24.11.2010    Updated Salttu's and Paavo's pages (Rus Ch titles)
23.11.2010    Updated News page
22.11.2010    Updated News page
21.11.2010    Updated News page
15.11.2010    Updated News page
09.11.2010    Updated News page
06.11.2010    Updated News pageGilda's page (Est Ch title)
31.10.2010    Updated News page
17.10.2010    Updated News page, Salttu's page (Nord & N Ch titles)
26.09.2010    Updated Puppies page
23.09.2010    Updated News page
21.09.2010    Updated News page
10.09.2010    Welcome to Finland, Flirt! Updated Geena's page.
05.09.2010    Updated News page
02.09.2010    Updated News page
30.08.2010    Updated News page
22.08.2010    Updated News page
21.08.2010    Updated News pageNanna's page (Est Ch title)
16.08.2010    Updated News page.
12.08.2010    Updated News pageGilda's page (Fin Ch title)
02.08.2010    Updated News pageNanna's page (Fin Ch title)
27.07.2010    Koffi in memoriam.
21.07.2010    Updated News pageNiilo's page (Fin Ch title)
12.07.2010    Updated News page, Himputti's page (Fin Ch title)
16.06.2010    Updated new photos about Geena and Nobel.
15.06.2010    Updated News page
09.06.2010    Updated News page
30.05.2010    Updated News page - double birhtday celebration today!
                      Added also Joensuu Int dog show results.
29.05.2010    Updated News page
25.05.2010    Updated News page
17.05.2010    Updated News page
15.05.2010    Updated News page, Taikku's page (new title)
13.05.2010    Updated News page
11.05.2010    Updated News page, Taikku's page, Juuso's page
07.05.2010    Updated News page, added Jusu's page
26.04.2010    Updated News page
08.04.2010    Updated News page
24.03.2010    Updated News page
13.03.2010    Updated News page , Taikku's litter page and Puppies page.
                      Added Geena into our Whippets page.
                      Added YouTube video playlist links into news page results:
                      Kaarina 6.3.2010Turku 29.11.2010,  Kaarina 28.2.2009,
                      Helsinki FinW-08 14.12.2008.
15.02.2010    Updated News page.  Added photos of 4 weeks and 5 weeks
                      old puppies.
03.02.2010    Updated News page and official Whippet of the year results.
18.01.2010    Updated News page and Puppies page. Added photos about three
                      weeks old puppies.
20.01.2010    Updated News page
18.01.2010    Updated News page and Puppies page. Added photos about two
                      weeks old puppies.
14.01.2010    Updated Puppies page. Added photo pages puppies' first week and
                      one week old puppies.
31.12.2009    Updated News page, Puppies page.
28.12.2009    Sorry, short delay in the pregnancy situation photos because of our
                      Christmas holidays. Updated News page, Taikku's pregnancy page.
16.12.2009    Updated News page, Puppies page.
08.12.2009    Updated News page, Puppies page - Taikku is pregnant!
                      Updated Honda's and Niilo's pages (new main photos)
01.12.2009    Updated News page, new title for Wili
09.11.2009    Updated News page, new titles for Taikku, Nanna, Wili and Woody.
05.11.2009    Updated News page.
21.10.2009    Updated News page, new titles for Honda and Juuso.
27.09.2009    Updated News page.
21.09.2009    Updated News page.
19.09.2009    Updated News page.
08.09.2009    Updated News page.
05.09.2009    Updated News page, Puppies page - a litter is planned for next winter.
30.08.2009    Updated News page.
25.08.2009    Added some photos into News page.
23.08.2009    Updated News page, new titles for Salttu, Taikku, Nanna and Paavo.
16.08.2009    Updated News page.
15.08.2009    Updated News page. Added links to our Zenfolio photo galleries
                      into our photo pages (show photos & other photos)
10.08.2009    Updated News page, new titles for Hilla (Int* & Lt Ch),
                      Paavo (Int* & Lt Ch) and Salttu (Lt Ch). 
                                                * Int Ch titles are waiting for FCI confirmation.
03.08.2009    Updated News page. Updated more recent pictures of the Painted
                      litter. Official measurements for Honey, Gilda, Ida, Juuso, Kille,
                      Nanna, Niilo, Speedy, Sulo, Taikku & Wili.
27.07.2009    Updated News page, Juuso's new Ch title
22.07.2009    Updated News page, Paavo's new Ch title
09.07.2009    Added some new photos and updated the homepages in general.
                      There is a lot of improvements which should not be seen by visitors, 
                      if they were succesful. There may still be some links that do not work
                      but please be patient, we are working on them!
07.07.2009    Updated News page
29.06.2009    Our email address has changed!
                      Updated News page, Salttu's new Ch title
15.06.2009    Updated News page, added new photo of Nitro
08.06.2009    Updated News page
30.05.2009    Updated News page
25.05.2009    Updated News page, Sulo's new Ch title
18.05.2009    Updated News page
07.05.2009    Updated News page, Wili's and Hilla's new Ch titles
30.04.2009    Updated News page
14.04.2009    Updated News page
24.03.2009    Updated News page
22.03.2009    Updated News page
01.03.2009    Updated News page
18.02.2009    Updated Official Whippet results 2008News page.
28.01.2009    Updated News page, Redi in memoriam.
21.01.2009    Updated News page.
20.01.2009    Updated News page.
11.01.2009    Updated News page, Hilla's new title.
06.01.2009    Updated News pages for the years 2008 & 2009.
                      Kille's Int Ch title, Ida's puppies' pages. Updated photo pages with
                      links to Home photos and Show photos. (Our photo albums are
                      situated in Zenfolio which is updated quite often with new photos.)

                    A reminder to all of you who are using our photos:
                    The name of the photographer has to be mentioned. The name has
                    to be readable.
                    If you make the photo smaller, you have to mention the name
                    separately in a text close to the photo. No exceptions allowed.

14.12.2008    Updated News page, Salttu's new title.
24.11.2008    Updated News page.
19.11.2008    Updated News page, Hilla's new title.
11.11.2008    Jaffa in memoriam.
04.11.2008    Updated News page with magnificent show news, Salttu's Int Ch
                      title confirmation, Elli in memoriam.
22.10.2008    Updated News page
30.09.2008    Updated News page
07.09.2008    Updated News page.  
25.08.2008    Updated News page.  
20.08.2008    Added photos and some texts to the News page.
                      Corrected some link addresses in the Links page.
19.08.2008    Updated News page, Whippets.
17.08.2008    Updated News page.  
10.08.2008    Updated News page.  
05.08.2008    Updated News page.
03.08.2008    Updated News page.
27.07.2008    Updated News page.
25.07.2008    Updated News page, Puppies pages.
                      Puppies are already 8 weeks old!
                      There is still a lot of updates to do in this web site, we try to update
                     the pages in a couple of days' time (hmmm, promises, promises!)
13.07.2008    Updated News page, Puppies pages.
08.07.2008    Updated News page, Puppies pages.
02.07.2008    Finally some updates! We have devoted all the time for the puppies so
                      there hasn't been much time left to spend with the computers. Anyway,
                      we try to update pages more often from now on.
                      Updated News page, Puppies pages, Ida's International
                      Champion title.
21.06.2008    Updated News page, Puppies pages.
14.06.2008    Updated News page, Puppies pages, new titles for Kille.
11.06.2008    Updated News page, Puppies pages.
                      Added new photos about Moja, Sulo, Paavo, Néo & Taikku.
03.06.2008    Updated News page, new title for Wili, Puppies page.
29.05.2008    Updated News page.
25.05.2008    Updated News page.
24.05.2008    Updated Photo pages.
21.05.2008    Updated News page.
15.05.2008    Updated News page.
12.05.2008    Updated News page, Puppies page, Photo pages.
28.04.2008    Updated News page, new title for Salttu, Puppies page.
24.04.2008    Updated Namu's page.
21.04.2008    Updated News page.
06.04.2008    Updated News page, Puppies page.
26.03.2008    Updated News page, Puppies page, Photo pages.
20.03.2008    Updated News page.
12.03.2008    Updated News page, Puppies page.
13.02.2008    Updated News page.
10.02.2008    Updated News page, new titles for Salttu & Ida.
06.02.2008    Updated Photo pages.
05.02.2008    Updated News page, official Whippet results for the year 2007.
20.01.2008    Happy Birthday Jaffa & Koffi!  Updated News page.
                      Updated official Whippet results for the year 2007.
02.01.2008    Happy New Year! Updated Ida's litter to Puppies page.

18.12.2007    Updated  Lily's page with new eye test result.
16.12.2007    Updated  News page & new title for Winnie.
15.12.2007    Updated  News page & new titles for Kille, Ida & Mickey.
12.12.2007    Updated  News page & Puppies page.
10.12.2007    Updated  News page.
19.11.2007    Updated  News page.
16.11.2007    Woody's Int Ch title has been confirmed by FCI. Updated News page
15.11.2007    Updated  News page.
10.11.2007    Updated  News page & new titles for Salttu, Ida & Winnie.
04.11.2007    Updated  News page & new titles for Hilla. Congratulations!
29.10.2007    Updated  new titles for Winnie, Mickey, Nero & Woody.
                      Updated  News page. 
11.10.2007    Updated  News page, Emil's page. 
26.09.2007    Updated  News page, Hertta's official titles.
09.09.2007    Updated  News page. 
02.09.2007    Updated  News page. 
26.08.2007    Updated  News page.
                      We have renewed our page layout.

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