11.08.2013    Updated pages: Felix, Fiona, Hosuli, Madde, My, Pippa, Salttu and Sulo.
15.04.2013    Updated Olli's Finnish Champion title and Hilda's JW title.
07.04.2013    A lot of updates. Nanna's International champion title has been confirmed a long
                      time ago. Added new title for Pippa.
04.11.2012    Geena's, Flirt's and Petteri's International champion titles have been confirmed.
                      Added new titles for Nanna (Int Ch, Dk Ch, NordW-12),  My (DkJW-12, NordJW-12)
                      and Salttu (Dk Ch, NordW-12).
27.08.2012    Niilo's and Juuso's International champion titles have been confirmed. Added new
                      photos to Sulo's page.

20.08.2012    Added new titles for Fiona, Flirt and Salttu.
14.08.2012    Added pages for Ida-Hector puppies, new title for Sulo.
Updated our Whippets, new titles for Geena and Petteri, added Fiona's page.
30.05.2012    Peppi and Riku in memoriam. Updated our Whippets, new titles for Petteri and
A lot of updates. Added menu link to our Blog, updated Guest stars page.

18.02.2012    Lily in memoriam
15.02.2012    Updated Puppies page
04.01.2012    Updated Puppies page
Updated Puppies page
07.10.2011    Updated News page
Updated News page
21.09.2011    Updated News page
19.09.2011    Updated News page
11.09.2011    Updated News page
05.09.2011    Updated News page
29.08.2011    Updated News pageGilda's page (New title)
21.08.2011    Updated News page, Niilo's page (New title)
18.08.2011    Updated News page, Nitro's page (New title), Geena's page (CCs)
Updated News page. New layout! It causes still a lot of work, but that continues
                      little by little.
25.07.2011    Updated News page
20.07.2011    Updated News page
19.07.2011    Updated News page
13.07.2011    Updated News page
07.07.2011    Updated News page
06.07.2011    Updated News page, added some updates here and there (new titles for Petteri,
                      Mickey and Savu, among others)
27.06.2011    Updated News page
19.06.2011    Updated News page
15.06.2011    Updated News page
05.06.2011    Updated News page, Sulo's page and Flirt's page (new titles)
30.05.2011    Updated News page
26.05.2011    Updated News page
23.05.2011    Updated News page
11.05.2011    Updated News page (added some show photos)
09.05.2011    Updated News page
11.04.2011    Updated News page
01.04.2011    Updated Puppies page: Added a link to our Puppy Blog and Photo album.
                      Both blog and album are updated separately from our homepages so there won't
                      be any update message here in this page.   
26.03.2011    Updated News page, Puppies page
24.03.2011    Updated News page
21.03.2011    Updated News page
20.03.2011    Updated News page, Sulo's page (new titles)
14.03.2011    Updated News page, Puppies page
07.03.2011    Updated News page
04.03.2011    Updated News page, Puppies page
14.02.2011    Updated News page
27.01.2011    Updated News page
26.01.2011    Updated Puppies page
24.01.2011    Updated News page

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