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Whiptails Champs Elysees "Petteri"

Whiptails Champs Elysees

Born: 21.9.2006
Owner: Kirsi and Timo Aalto

Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet database information
Petteri in Whippet Archives

3 CCs from Finland
1 CC from Sweden
1 CC from Estonia
2 CCs from Latvia
1 cacib from Estonia
2 cacibs from Latvia

Petteri returned back to us at adult age, on December 2010. Petteri participated some puppy classes but since then there has been a long break with the shows.
Petteri began his adult age show career in the end of January 2011.


Emme luovuta ottamiamme kuvia eikä koiriemme kuvia saa käyttää virtuaalikenneleissä!!
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