News 2011

25.3.2011 We have puppies
Irma-Savu puppies were born today: 5 boys and 3 girls. Unfortunately we lost one girl later so the final number is 5 boys and 2 girls.

Whiptails Painted Pearl
Whiptails Painted Pearl
24.3.2011 Happy 7-year-old birthday to Hilla, Beckham, Poju & Sirius!
23.3.2011 Irma's pregnancy 57 days
Whiptails Painted Pearl

21.3.2011 Sad news:
Sweet smiling girl Lotta, Ch Whiptails Blooming Grove,
has passed away. She will always have a special place in our hearts.
20.3.2011 Vilnius Cup 2011 Int show in Vilnius, Lithuania
Whippets were judged by Helina Jürgens-Simberg, Estonia
Sulo, Ch Whiptails Sweet Sugar EXC/1, CAC, cacib
Flirt, Snow Hill Body Language EXC/2
19.3.2011 Lithuanian Winner 2011 Int Show in Vilnius, Lithuania
Whippets were judged by Marianne Holm
Sulo, Ch Whiptails Sweet Sugar EXC/1 CAC, cacib, Lt Ch, LTW-11, BOB, BIG-2
Flirt, Snow Hill Body Language EXC/1, CAC, res-cacib
Snow Hill Body Language
                               Photo by Ramune Balciuniene
                            Flirt, Snow Hill Body Language

Whiptails Sweet Sugar
                                Photo by Ramune Balciuniene
                              Sulo, Whiptails Sweet Sugar
Whiptails Sweet Sugar
                       Sulo, Whiptails Sweet Sugar BIG-2
18.3.2011 Irma's pregnancy 52 days
Whiptails Painted Pearl

11.3.2011 Irma's pregnancy 45 days
Whiptails Painted Pearl
6.3.2011 Woody, Int Ch Peperone Parahandy #1 Sighthound Veteran for 2010 in Finland
Woody was 6th in the all breeds Veteran list. What a magnificent result for our pensioner!

Peperone Parahandy
Woody and Timo in Tervakoski dog show, August 2010.
4.3.2011 Irma is pregnant
The puppies are expected to be born on week 12/13.

Whiptails Painted Pearl
                          Irma 38 days after mating.

<28.2.2011 Our February photo album is finished.
27.2.2011 Vilho's visit
Vilho (Whiptails Painted Patriot) and Henriikka visited us during the winter holidays. It was nice to see you, thanks for the visit :-)

The mandatory mother-and-son photo: Vilho and Ida.
13.2.2011 Tallinn Int dog show in Estonia
Whippets were judged by Igor Selimovic, Croatia
Petteri, Whiptails Champs Elysees EXC/1, Best Dog, CC, BOB, cacib

Whiptails Champs Elysees
                                          Photo by Laura Tomson

Whiptails Champs Elysees
                                        Photo by Laura Tomson

Whiptails Champs Elysees
                                             Photo by Aivo Jaggo

Whiptails Champs Elysees
                                            Photo by Sari Pulkkinen
BOB Whiptails Champs Elysees and BOS Atlantic Breeze Lancar Keyser

Many thanks for the photos!
12.2.2011 Veteran of Veterans & Champion of Champions gala in Vantaa   VIDEOS
Veteran of Veterans competition was judged by András Korózs, Hungary
Woody, Int Ch Peperone Parahandy did great, placing among the 8 best ones.

Peperone Parahandy
         Woody, Int Ch Peperone Parahandy

8.2.2011 Happy Birthday, Néo and siblings, 5 years old today!
31.1.2011 Our January photo album is finished

30.1.2011 New winter coat set is ready!
Ida  Nanna
Taikku  Petteri
30.1.2011 Our boys Petteri and Patu
Whiptails Champs Elysees

Whiptails Champs Elysees
25.1.2011 Irma was mated by Savu, more information in the Puppy page.
23.1.2011 Turku Int dog show      PHOTOS
Whippets were judged by Rudi Brandt, Denmark
Petteri, Whiptails Champs Elysees 1st in open class with CQ, res-CC
Milo, Jagodas Chevalier 2nd in veteran class with CQ
Flirt, Snow Hill Body Language 2nd in junior class with CQ
Honey, Ch Peperone Partyline 1st in veteran class with CQ, Best Bitch, BOB, BOB-veteran,

Whiptails Champs Elysees
          Petteri, Whiptails Champs Elysees

Peperone Partyline
                         Photo © Maisa K
         BIG-3 Honey, Ch Peperone Partyline

Peperone Partyline
   Honey and Timo moving in the group competition
21.1.2011 Happy 8-year-old birthday to Milo, Jagodas Chevalier & siblings!
2.1.2011 Happy 1-year-old birthday, Geena and Nobel!
2.1.2011 We had nice weather with fresh snow and only -3 degrees Celcius.
The dogs enjoyed running outside a lot!  Even Honey was running like grazy trying to catch the frisbee - quite a winter sport, isn't it?

Peperone Partyline

Updated some photos into our January 2011 photo album.

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