In Memorian

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
 They must be felt with the heart."
                                                                   ~ Helen Keller

Peperone Parahandy
SBIS Int Fin S N Est Lv Ch Est VCh FinW-01 EstW-06 Peperone Parahandy "Woody"

2000 - 2015

Peperone Partyline
BIS Fin S Est Lv Ch
Peperone Partyline "Honey"

2000 - 2015

Jagodas Chevalier

Jagodas Chevalier "Milo"

2003 - 2014

Whiptails Honey Grove

Whiptails Honey Grove "Peppi"

1999 - 2012

Whiptails Reason To Love
Fin S Est Ch
Whiptails Reason To Love "Riku"

1997 - 2012

Kuutarhan Tiikerililja

Kuutarhan Tiikerililja "Lily"

2003 - 2012

Plaudite Gentleman Lover
Plaudite Gentleman Lover "Koffi"

1995 - 2010

Siphra's I Do I Do I Do
Int Fin S N Est Ch
Siphra's I Do I Do I Do "Pelle"

1996 - 2009

Plaudite Gentle Touch
SBIS Fin Ch NordW-97
Plaudite Gentle Touch  "Jaffa"

1995 - 2008

Rantalaukan Jäniksenkäpälä
Int Fin S Est Ch
Rantalaukan Jäniksenkäpälä  "Elli"

1996 - 2008

Whiptails Toughguy To Love
Fin Ch
Whiptails Toughguy To Love  "Taffi"

1997 - 2006

Zigetty's Nicolette
Fin Est Ch
Zigetty's Nicolette  "Mocca"

1989 - 2004

Plaudite Easy To Love
Plaudite Easy To Love  "Leevi"

1993 - 2004
Whiptails Choice To Love
Fin Ch
Whiptails Choice To Love  "Vanttu"

1997 - 2003

Plaudite First Choice
Fin Ch
Plaudite First Choice  "Tarra"

1994 - 2003

Zigetty's Baby Cinderella
Fin Ch
Zigetty's Baby Cinderella  "Tosca"

1988 - 2001

Scheik's This Is It
Scheik's This Is It  "Iisa"

1995 - 1996

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