EEW-16 TLNW-16

Whiptails Daring To Dream "Maya"

Whiptails Daring To Dream

Born: 25.7.2014
Owners: Kirsi & Timo Aalto

Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet database information
Maya in Whippet Archives

BIS-1 Junior in Finland, Tuusula all breed show 2015
BIS-1 Junior in Finland, Helsinki Int Summer show 2015
BIS-1 Junior in Estonia,Tartu Int show 2015
BIS-2 in Tartu Int, Estonia 2015
BIS-4 in Tallinn Int, Estonia 2016
BIS-1 in  Royal Canin Junior Grand Prix (invitation competition for last year's junior bis dogs)
BIS-4 in Finland, Järvenpää all breed show 2016

5 x Group Winner

Top Young Whippet #1 in Finland 2015
Top Whippet bitch #1 in Finland 2015
Whippet of the year in Finland 2015

BIS-1 Puppy in Kouvola all breed puppy show 2015.
3 x BOB Puppy

8 x CAC & 2 x CACIB from Finland
2 x CAC & 3 x CACIB & JCAC from Estonia
1 x CAC & 1 x CACIB from Latvia
Tallinn Winner 2016
Estonian Winner 2016

Whiptails Daring To Dream

Emme luovuta ottamiamme kuvia eikä koiriemme kuvia saa käyttää virtuaalikenneleissä!!
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