Int Fin Est N Ch EstW-05 NW-05 FinW-06
Whiptails Lullaby Sky "Loulou"

Whiptails Lullaby Sky
Born: 30.5.2003
Owner: Matti Hiltunen

Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet database information

Loulou has 16 CCs and 3 res-CCs from Finland.
1 CC from Estonia
1 CC from Norway
loulou  loulou

Int Fin S N Dk Est Lt Lv Rus Blr Ch
FinJW-00 FinW-01 FinW-06 LtW-06 LvW-06 UkrW-07
Jet's Pie In The Sky
Am Ch Crestfield Sky's Salute O'Gerico Ch
Arborcrest Skyrack O'Kinnear
Seamair's Regal of Heathero
Int Am Mex World Ch Jet's Ravishing Redhead Int N S Ch
Gulds Tawny Topstar
Int Nord Dk Ch
Jet's Headed Like a Snake
Int Fin Est S Ch
Rantalaukan Jäniksenkäpälä
Fin Ch
Heronry First and Foremost
Am Ch Lochinvar Fluorescent Sonata S.C.
Am Ch Lochinvar Lasting Impression
Int Fin Est N Ch
Taikatassun Mamba
Int Fin Est Dk Ch FinW-90 FinW-93 Jet's the Sting
Fin Ch EuJW-91 Jet's Mrs Dalloway