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Whiptails Peshewa Creek "Beckham"

Whiptails Peshewa Creek

Born: 24.3.2004
Owner: Ulla Rytkönen

Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet database information
Beckham  in Whippet Archives

Top whippet dog #6 in 2005

4 CCs
3 res-CCs
1 CC from Latvia
1 CC from Lithuania

BIS-junior in the Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2005

  • first litter (5+1) was born on January 1st, 2009 at Roberta's kennel, dam Gaselle's Stella Di Notte.

Emme luovuta ottamiamme kuvia eikä koiriemme kuvia saa käyttää virtuaalikenneleissä!!
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